Astrologer and Tarot Card Practitioner


"Celestial bodies are the cause of all that takes place in the sublunar world."

 St.Thomas Aquinas (1225-74)








Carol Jepson was certified by the New York Board of Education as an Instructor in Astrology in 1975, joined the teaching faculty of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) in 1977, and is professionally certified by them at the highest level. Ms. Jepson teaches classes in Astrology at all levels as well as classes in the Tarot. As an astrological consultant, she does both natal readings (exploring your personal characteristics and potentials) as well as forecasting. Her event-oriented forecasting provides a road map for what you are most likely to experience - emotionally, psychologically and circumstantially -  in the next weeks and months. Information is provided that will show opportunities and challenges, and also indicate times that are appropriate for certain kinds of actions and inappropriate for others. Additional specialties offered to clients are event planning (called electional astrology), answering questions (using horary charts), or investigating relocation possibilities. Carol has been researching, teaching, and reading the Tarot cards for 30 years. Her Tarot readings incorporate a brief look at what is happening astrologically, giving her clients the benefit of her knowledge of the cards as well as the timing that astrology has to offer.


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